Isn't It Time You Were Married? This App Has the Answer

Isn’t It Time You Were Married? This App Has the Answer

Hey, guys, I was just thinking about how Facebook doesn’t really force me to compare myself to my peers enough. I mean, I know that I can look at the new cars my friends are buying or see pictures of their adorable children, but is that really enough? I can read that someone sold their company for a huge exit or closed on a new house, but does that actually force me to compare my own life to theirs? Am I really comparing my successes to others enough?

This new app helps with that by telling you your target age to get married based on your friends’ marriages. The marriage-age plugin from Time will pull in data from your Facebook friends and determine what the average age of marriage among your social circle is, letting you individualize your sell-by date by literally comparing your relationship success with that of your friends.

The median age of marriage in the United States is 29 for men and 27 for women, but this figure varies significantly across different social circles. This app will estimate your target age for marriage by scanning your Facebook friends.

Although the app is pretty clear that I’ve missed my sell-by date according to the American average, when compared to my similar friends, I’ve still got 1 year, 4 months and 22 days before spinsterhood sets in!

 What’s most interesting (besides cutting through all that liking, sharing and happy socializing, and just getting straight to asking if we’re as good at relationships as our peers are) is seeing the distribution of ages and marital status among friends.

Things that can throw it off: Young friends who think being Facebook-married to their best friend is super hilarious, friends of all ages in committed relationships who don’t list themselves as married on Facebook, and being part of an industry notorious for ruining relationships (Thanks, game development!).

Compare yourself here!

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