Satchmode: “Best Intentions”

LA duo Satchmode released their Collide EP last month, a set filled with atmospheric electro-pop songs that are sensitive and beautiful. The single from the EP, “Best Intentions,” captures the duo’s talent for subtlety and emotional depth–characteristics not always associated with electro-pop. With simple chords and modest vocals, the track rolls along with a deep arpeggiated synth and simple percussion. The verses deal with lost love, the singer admitting that “my best intentions tore us apart.” But for the chorus, the track strips down to its bare essentials for a repetitive chorus of “Wouldn’t change your love.” Like that old Gershwin song, “Best Intentions” knows that the relationship is over. But the moments they shared together, well, “they can’t take that away.”

The Collide EP is available now on iTunes.

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