Author Spotlight: Helene Cardona

Author Spotlight: Helene Cardona

For poetry lovers who enjoy a more whimsical and symbolic writer, then the works of French actress and poet Helene Cardona will be right up your alley. Born in Paris, this talented writer first attended Cambridge in England and later studied at Hamilton College in New York City, where she eventually went on to teach both French and Spanish.

As a poet, her work has appeared in literary journals such as Mediterranean Poetry, The Askew Poetry Journal, Pirene’s Fountain, and Mythic Passages. Her poetry collections include Dreaming My Animal Selves, Life In Suspension, and The Astonished Universe.

Dreaming My Animal Selves is a bilingual collection of poetry that takes its readers on a surreal journey through fantasy worlds, myths, and ancient legends. Those who open the book will be taken through a wondrous journey guided by a narrator who shape shifts with ease and is on the hunt for cosmic unity within both the turbulent landscapes of dreams and everyday life.

Meanwhile, The Astonished Universe revolves around the idea of exploring the universal human experience and looking for a deep spirituality by examining your own point of view. Her poetry moves from the human experience to the divine with ease, and the end result is a collection of poetry that enchants the reader and uplifts their mood.

Whether you’re new to the world of French poetry or enjoy reading works that revolve around the idea of spirituality and dreams, the poetry of Helene Cardona is a must-read.

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    Are some poems from this work available in any website? Would like to read.

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