Become a Secret Agent and Don't Get Shot in

Become a Secret Agent and Don’t Get Shot in “Codename Cygnus”

Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama starring you as eponymous secret agent. At every branch of the storyline, the game advises two courses of action. While you can just select one with your fingertip, Codename Cygnus takes it one step further by accessing your microphone and allowing you to dictate your choices, a nice touch that not only sets it apart from other iOS games but gives it a truly immersive feel. If you’ve ever played secret agent with your friends, you’ll love pretending to talk into your phone and update your handler on your moves.

The story pays tribute to its predecessors, especially to James Bond, but not to the extent that it becomes a parody and is unable to stand on its own merits. The game has plenty of twists and surprises, and the unpredictability of the other characters reinforces the chaotic and dangerous life of being an action hero super spy. On my own playthrough, I got someone shot, offended the bad guy, and had to blow up the building to escape. Not exactly the suave sophisticated agent I was going for.

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