Kelela: “The High”

RnB singer/songwriter Kelela had an impressive 2013 with her critically acclaimed debut mixtape Cut 4 Me, one of the most adventurous and evocative releases of the year. And she’s already back with some new material. Teaming up with producer Gifted & Blessed, “The High” is another impressive addition to Kelela’s repertoire. The nearly six minute track drones on with an unsettling minimal beat. Kelela’s syncopated and monotone verse melody gives way to an acrobatic chorus with layers of her own vocals, but the song never really raises its temperature. It stays at this slow-burning pace, always ready to bubble over but never quite giving us the release we expect. The effect is unusual but exciting, as Kelela’s music always is.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to grab Kelela’s Cut 4 Me mixtape here.

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