holychild: “Every Time I Fall”

L.A. duo holychild put out some of my favorite DIY pop music last year. With insanely catchy hooks and the raw energy of rock, holychild evokes ’90s pop bands like The Cardigans and No Doubt. After releasing all their music on their own since 2011, Liz Nistico and Louie Diller recently signed to Glassnote Records to release their Mindspeak EP next month. And “Every Time I Fall” is the first single from the upcoming set. The song embraces fuzzy guitars and rambunctious drums for a garage-pop feel to support Nistico’s relaxed hook. The whole track has a bouncing, floating quality, echoing the lyrics’ imagery of falling and getting back up. “Every Time I Fall” is definitely less unabashedly pop than some of the band’s earlier music, but it’s just as exciting, catchy, and fun.

Mindspeak will be released via Glassnote Records on March 4th.

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