Maya Angelou Talks About How Her Unusual Relationship with Her Mother Inspired a Memoir

Fans of the poet, dancer, and acclaimed writer Maya Angelou will enjoy watching this short but in-depth interview.  Last year, TIME  sat down with Angelou to discuss everything from her unusual relationship with her mother to the reasoning behind writing seven autobiographies.

Angelou starts off by admitting that while she’s written several autobiographies about herself, since she’s in her 80s she says she may want to write another one since she’s not sure how long she’ll be around. She jokes that she’ll probably be working on a manuscript when “the Lord says Maya, it’s time!”

Angelou goes on to explain how she has woven her unusual relationship with her mother in almost all her books, but it was in Mom & Me & Mom that their dynamic takes center stage. She says it took a long time  to come to a place “where she could see her mother fully”; she didn’t know or trust her own mother for a very long time.

Angelou ends the interview by saying there’s still unfinished business for her; she feels that she hasn’t written as well as she’d like to and hopes that her writing will reach more readers from all over the world. For fans of this remarkable woman and talented author, this interview is a delightful look at how her background inspired some of her greatest works.

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