Daito Manabe’s Dynamic Dance Projections

Daito Manabe is a Japanese artist who, by the looks of it, spends his days screwing around with computers all day—but with far more interesting results than most people. His YouTube channel is full of videos of his experiments, which include (for example) attaching time-triggered electrodes to his friends’ faces, playing with a robotic DJ arm of his own design, or just playing with filters he made for his computer webcam. In this clip, Daito uses projection mapping (basically, “smart” projection that can follow moving surfaces) to add visual flair to a dance (collaboratively choreographed with MIKIKO and scored by Ametsub). Check out the fascinating results in the embed above, and if you liked it, you’ll probably also enjoy Daito and MIKIKO’s work on the music video for Nosaj Thing and Kazu Makino’s “Eclipse/Blue“.

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