Sunday Sun: “Sunday Morning”

Sunday Sun: “Sunday Morning”

Dutch power-pop quartet Sunday Sun is one of my favorite groups putting out music these days. Their set of three EPs I, IIand III in 2012 blew me away with their intricate chord changes, catchy melodies, and sunshiny vocal harmonies. With their newest track, “Sunday Morning,” the band sticks to that same formula. And look, I know it’s Monday afternoon, but for this song let’s just pretend it’s yesterday morning. The song opens up with staccato piano and a shouted chorus of “we let go, we let go!” As the track moves on, it bounces from section to section, “sugared up like children at a candy store.” Despite its frenetic energy, the lyrics are about letting go and relaxing on a pleasant Sunday morning, watching the clouds roll by.

You can download “Sunday Morning” on BandCamp.

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