Take a “Breather” from City Life

Take a “Breather” from City Life

Startup app Breather solves the problem we all have in the city, offering peace and quiet hourly rentals in the city. Probably everyone who’s had a couple hours to kill between Manhattan meetings or tried to get work done in a crowded coffee shop has imagined something like Breather.

Breather offers hourly rent on rooms around the city. The site suggests using them to meet clients, work in peace, or do yoga, and each Breather room includes a yoga mat, outlets, and wifi.  I used LooseCubes, a similar startup offering daily rent on desks in coworking spaces and offices, for a few months until the site closed. (Why, LooseCubes? Why did you have to end?!?!?) Renting a workspace for deadline day or just relaxing alone is a great way to deal with a tiny city apartment, and I’m so happy to see Breather filling this need.

Breather is connecting with Lockitron, allowing users to unlock the spaces with their iPhones (like a ZipCar). Renting a Breather space is $25, making it a bit expensive for a daily use, but quite reasonable for quiet work on a deadline or a mental health day.

Breather is live in Montreal and New York City, with plans to expand into San Francisco. New Yorkers and Montreal-ites (is that a word?) can grab the iOs app here or book a quiet space on the website.

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