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Beyond Bechdel: Testing Feminism in Film
Beyond Bechdel: Testing Feminism in Film

Since it’s Women’s History Month, this video by Fandor Keyframe seems particularly relevant. We love their film analysis videos and have posted a few in the past already. Probably one of the most interesting thing about Fandor’s video essays is how they critique the Bechdel Test, a film criteria often used by feminists to test…

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“Bechdel-sploitation” Explains the Library of Erotic Films That Surprisingly Pass the Test (NSFW)

Every feminist or movie lover is familiar with the Bechdel test, a criteria that tasks fiction to include female characters who a) talk to each other, and b) talk to each other about something other than men. It sounds simple enough, but a surprising amount of seemingly feminist films fail the Bechdel test. Even more…

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