marie anello

Marie Anello spends her days writing, reading comics, and being a professional opera singer in NYC.

Take a Crash Course in Freelance Adventuring with

Take a Crash Course in Freelance Adventuring with “Daughter of the Lilies”

In Meg Syverud’s action-packed fantasy Daughter of the Lilies, three mercenaries-for-hire find themselves with much more than they bargained for when they hire Thistle, a mysterious but immensely talented mage, who for unknown reasons can never show her face. All Thistle wants is to keep a low profile, help people, and stay out of trouble, something…

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An Unusual Relationship Blooms in the Intergalactic
An Unusual Relationship Blooms in the Intergalactic “Space Boy”

Set in a surprisingly nostalgic distant future, Space Boy tells the sweet, science-fiction story of two wildly different teenagers who, through chance and happenstance, manage to traverse an entire universe only to find each other. Amy is a girl lost in time. Hailing from a deep space mining colony, Amy’s happy and mundane adolescence is irreparably…

The Colorful Mind of Sarah Jolley and
The Colorful Mind of Sarah Jolley and “The Property of Hate”

We know how most stories are supposed to start. A child is given a choice to leave their home in favor of a fantastical journey that will forever change them. This is known as the “call to adventure.” In Sarah Jolley’s The Property of Hate, that call is made by a sardonic carnival barker with a…

Gorgeous Debut
Gorgeous Debut “Curveball” Explores A Difficult Romance in a Science-Fiction Setting

In a breathtaking debut graphic novel from Nobrow Press, artist and storyteller Jeremy Sorese casts his readers into a neon sea of human wants and foibles with Curveball, a science-fiction not-quite-love-story that highlights the thin line between optimism and delusion, and the often agonizing process of moving on. Set in a futuristic society that relies entirely…

Why Abby Howard's
Why Abby Howard’s “The Last Halloween” Is Scary Good

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep celebrating with a delightfully depraved webcomic!  Known for her dark humor, creepy imagery, and love of all things horrifying, cartoonist Abby Howard weaves a gruesome spell in her gory adventure-comedy The Last Halloween. Unbeknownst to humanity, there exists a parallel dimension just beyond the…

Liz Suburbia And The Coming Of Age Dystopia That Is
Liz Suburbia And The Coming Of Age Dystopia That Is “Sacred Heart”

It’s hard to condense everything that makes up Liz Suburbia’s Sacred Heart  into a short review. On the surface it’s a love letter to grungy garage punk-rock and the frenetic energy of small town youth. It’s also about faith, alienation, longing, fear, family, fanaticism, sex, murder, self-doubt, and monsters of both the fantastical and all-too real…

Kick Off October With
Kick Off October With “Your Favorite Pizza Witch”

What better way to jump-start your Halloween countdown than a little witchcraft, romance, and pizza?  Look no further than the adorable and quirky short comic Your Favorite Pizza Witch.  British cartoonist Sarah Graley introduces us to Roxy, the eponymous pizza witch, who uses her awesome magic skills to craft the most delicious pizzas in the world….