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“Fifteen Dogs,” The Talking Dog Novel That’s Definitely Not For Kids

“Fifteen Dogs,” The Talking Dog Novel That’s Definitely Not For Kids

Fifteen Dogs is a hard book to sell. In words, its premise sounds silly: a bunch of dogs are given human intelligence via a wager between two Greek Gods. The wager? If dogs have the same intellect as humans, would they live happier lives? Typically “what if dogs were as smart as humans” is a hypothetical…

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Last Japan
Last Japan “Ascend (feat. AJ Tracey)”

There’s nothing like a good producer/MC combo, and this new single by London DJ Last Japan and rapper AJ Tracey is the perfect example why. Hot off a string of successful mixtapes, Last Japan’s newest offering is a dark, intergalactic foray that sounds like it’s seeping from the underpass of some secret rave. Released on…

Polica “United Crushers”

Minneapolis-based band Polica might have the personality of a solo artist, but they’re surprisingly made up of five band members. Their debut Give You the Ghost was the type of record that grew in quiet notoriety, mixing twee sparseness with pop melodies to create an undanceable dance record. However, their newest album, United Crushers, proves the band is no longer playing it…

“Fat Man and Little Boy,” a Quirky Journey of Two Atomic Bombs

Mike Meginnis’s debut novel Fat Man and Little Boy begins with an unusual premise: the two atomic bombs Americans dropped on Japan during WWII are personified and emerge from the wreckage as real people. Little Boy rises after hitting Hiroshima, and Fat Man after Nagasaki. The two find each other and realize they’re brothers. Together they…

Hauschka “Who Lived Here?”

I’ve been a fan of German pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka, since his 2010 album, Foreign Landscapes, and later the album he did with violinist Hilary Hahn, Silfra. But Hauschka has been on the scene way before I discovered him, composing soundtracks and working with notable musicians like Barbara Morgenstern and Nobukazu Takemura (whom I both love). This melodramatic…

#TBT DNTEL “Umbrella”

Most people remember electronic producer DNTEL (real name James Scott “Jimmy” Tamborello) as being one half of The Postal Service. I personally hate The Postal Service and was never a fan of their music. However, before the Postal Service, DNTEL was a solo joint, and his first album, the cynical Life Is Full of Possibilities,…

 Various Artists Illustrate These Stunning Portraits Of Singer Grimes
Various Artists Illustrate These Stunning Portraits Of Singer Grimes

I don’t know how I happened to find myself on Behance late one night looking up illustrations of electro pop artist Grimes, but I was. Probably because it all started with this illustration I saw that was made by Marynn. I always find it fascinating when artists express love for other artists via the medium…