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“78-87 London Youth” Is a Photographic Look at ’80s Teen Culture

A few months back The Guardian asked what happened to youth subcultures? You know–the punks, the goths, the preps, the geeks. Throughout the ’60s and leading up to the ’90s, teenage rebellion was always defined by a particular fashion or subculture, and unfortunately, it appears these days it’s a dying form of expression. Photographer Derek Ridgers’ book 78-87 London Youth is a look at the fashion-bending scenes that defined British teenagers throughout the ’70s and ’80s. Taken at concerts, basements, clubs and bars around London, his photos are a nostalgic time capsule of alternative culture, a period where pink-haired drag queens and skinny new wave boys ruled the streets. The people in Ridgers’ book prove that there’s more to fashion expression than looking like the latest Instagram model.

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