“The Lost Sisterhood” by Anne Fortier

“The Lost Sisterhood” by Anne Fortier

Danish-Canadian novelist Anne Fortier, who is the author behind the best-selling novel Juliet, will bring the world of several ancient Mediterranean cultures to life for readers in her new book The Lost Sisterhood.

The Lost Sisterhood is a tale about the power of strong women and the bonds between them that mixes seamlessly into ancient Greek mythology. The story follows Diana Morgan, an Oxford lecturer who is obsessed with the Amazons—and no, not the Wonder Woman/DC Comics portrayal, either; we’re talking the actual battle-hardened ferocious warriors such as Penthesilea who was brave enough to take on Achilles during the Trojan War.

The reason for Morgan’s obsession is that her beloved grandmother actually claimed to be an Amazon before she mysteriously disappeared. However, she soon gets the opportunity to travel to North Africa and the Middle East alongside a mysterious guide named Nick Barran. Together, they discover irrefutable proof on the walls of a recently unearthed temple that the Amazons really did exist, and after the Trojan War they escaped with a fabulous treasure.

However, Morgan and Barran aren’t the only ones on the hunt to prove that the real Amazons existed—their journey is being shadowed by a mysterious and sinister figure and by the end of the novel, Morgan’s entire life will be turned upside down.

Fortier is currently on a book tour, making her first stop in Brooklyn. Check out her site to learn more.

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