History, Intrigue, and the Occult Collide in Dylan Meconis’s “Family Man”

History, Intrigue, and the Occult Collide in Dylan Meconis’s “Family Man”

It is the winter of 1768 and the Age of Reason is spreading its roots throughout the intellectual circles of Europe. But in a small provincial town on the Bohemian border, there is howling on the wind, whispers among the Romani camps, and wolves waiting in the dark.

Thus the stage is set for our hero, Luther Levy, a theology lecturer who has been recently dismissed from his position for, of all things, being an atheist. When his charming school friend Lucien drops into town, he makes Luther an unprecedented offer: a position at the University of Familienwald. At a loss for funds and stifled by a strained relationship with his family, Luther accepts.

Luther’s life in Familienwald proves far from conventional, however, when he meets and befriends Ariana Nolte, the Rector’s stern daughter and self-appointed librarian.  While balancing the politics of academia and a budding romance, Luther remains blissfully unaware of a darker history behind the sleepy town, Rector Nolte’s growing unease, and the secret stirrings of a group Ariana refers to only as “The Family.”

Expertly researched, romantically gothic, and brilliantly envisioned, Family Man is a story that effortlessly toes the line between the supernatural and factual. Dylan Meconis blends fiction and history into an engrossing tale of love, duty, and tradition, utilizing not only a subtle and intelligent narrative, but also a visual style that is both beautiful and meticulous in every aspect.

As a longtime comics reader and a fan of Meconis’s work, I can comfortably say that Family Man is my favorite comic available online.  It offers something for just about anyone, wherever their interests lie.  Whether you are in the mood for some historical intrigue, torrid romance, or just want to read scholarly debates about the Enlightenment, Meconis delivers them all.

Family Man is currently three chapters and ongoing.  The first collected volume can be purchased on Dylan Meconis’ website.

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