Author Spotlight: Cecilia Llompart

Author Spotlight: Cecilia Llompart

Poet Cecilia Llompart’s debut collection allows her readers to sip from the glass of human emotion and experience all that our souls have to offer. While many of the poems published within are full of subtlety and scale, which invites readers to reflect several times on the meaning of the words within, she also gives a unique view of the world around us as well. By taking a metaphorical time-lapse camera and giving her readers a pair of binoculars to fully examine not only her thoughts on the world but also our own experiences as humans, Llompart shows the beauty in being still and observing everything around you.

Thanks to her exquisite writing style, each one of her poems paint beautiful images in the minds of all who read The Wingless. Some pieces are whimsical, others mysterious, but all revolve around the theme of love—from loving life in general to the mysterious depths of romantic love. This theme of love that manifests in both Mother Nature and human nature alike makes this poetry collection the perfect pick-me-up when readers are having a bad day and need a little written chicken soup for the soul to brighten their spirits.

While this is her first published poetry collection, Llompart’s no stranger to the written word. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. and an M.F.A from the University of Virgina; she also taught undergraduate poetry workshops at the latter university. Previously, Llompart’s poetry could be seen in TriQuarterly, The Caribbean Writer, and Clockhouse Review.

Whether readers are just looking for a talented poet to read that will lift their spirits or allow them to ponder the complexities of human nature, Llompart’s The Wingless is a thrilling observation of the life teeming all around us.

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    doesn’t the cover of the book say the wingless not the wineglass?


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