“The Haunting of the Gemini” Is a Look at the Zodiac Murders from the Point of View of a Psychic

“The Haunting of the Gemini” Is a Look at the Zodiac Murders from the Point of View of a Psychic

Jackie Barrett’s The Haunting of the Gemini: A True Story of New York’s Zodiac Murders is not your ordinary true crime novel full of dull facts and a boring writing style. This spine-tingling read revolves around a restless spirit, a psychic medium who works with crime fighting units in contacting the departed, and a killer whose early ’90s reign of terror left the Big Apple absolutely paralyzed with fear.

The story begins when the spirit of Patricia Fonti, a victim of NYC Zodiac Killer Heriberto ‘Eddie’ Seda, visits Barrett almost 20 years after she died. The victim’s spirit is restless and is constantly following Barrett everywhere she goes—even a trip to the grocery store suddenly takes on a supernatural element thanks to the relentless ghost who is shadowing her every move.

In her efforts to help the poor woman’s spirit find peace and move on in the afterlife, Barrett starts communicating with Seda himself. She gets a hold of exclusive letters and drawings as well as the opportunity to record their telephone conversations. During their discussions, Seda opens up to Barrett about what drove him to become a murderer and why he acted on that choice. Their discussions provide a rare glimpse and allow a bit of insight into a very dark mind. Seda also insists that he and Barrett are two halves of the same whole and that together they make up the astrological sign of the Gemini, which is symbolized by the mythological twins, Castor and Pollux.

Although the subject matter is quite dark, the first person narrative allows readers to see just how sensitive Barrett is toward spirits of the dead and living alike. The novel also provides insight into what drives a person to becoming a killer and also highlights just how scary psychic abilities can truly be.


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