Bad Anna: “Big Plans”

Who is Bad Anna? According to Trenpa, Bad Anna’s PR company, we don’t know. As the story goes, Josh Stern at Trenpa “stumbled upon ‘Big Plans’ after finding a thumb drive that contained the WAV file and an image, which I later figured out belonged to a friend, Brooklyn-based musician/producer Dan Drohan.” Drohan recorded the track with the young mysterious Seattlite and now it’s here for our enjoyment. The eerie dream-pop song moves slowly with simple layers of guitars and keyboards over a steady pounding drum. Towards the end, the arrangement comes out full-force with loud distorted drums and washes of post-rock guitars. Throughout the song, Bad Anna tells us like a defiant little kid that she has “Big Plans.” She quotes Veronica Mars in saying that these plans “stretch decades, continents, ruined lives, bloodshed.” But I’d be happy if the big plans just entailed some more music.

Keep an eye on the Bad Anna Facebook page to see if we get lucky enough for more information or music soon.

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