Rainbow Chan:

Rainbow Chan: “Long Vacation” EP

Australian electro-pop musician Rainbow Chan‘s most recent musical offering, the Long Vacation EP, is some of the most interesting music I’ve heard in a long time. In fact, her minimal, idiosyncratic productions are probably too unique to rightfully be labeled electro-pop (or anything, for that matter). Layers of vocals and synths adorn the five songs, supporting the outside-of-the-box songwriting.

While her voice is certainly not the strongest or most interesting in the scene today, what she does with her songs is a cut above the crowd. The stand out tracks bookend the EP. The eerily minimal “In a Foreign Tongue” and the intense “Milk” offer the most contrast in the writing and production and the best song craft. Here’s hoping that we can get a full length album sooner than later!

(Hat tip: Interview Magazine)

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