Beth Kephart’s “Going Over” Is a Radical Love Story Set in ’80s Berlin

The trailer for Beth Kephart’s upcoming release Going Over shows that it’s not your average historical fiction novel. Instead of the same old, same old about the Tudors, ancient Egypt, or even the Borgias, Kephart instead turns a keen eye to February 1983 where the Berlin Wall is separating two young lovers.

Ada lives on the west side in a place called Kreuzberg. Immigrants, rebels, and punk rockers populate this section of the city—in other words, what proper society would deem ‘the dregs.’ Meanwhile, Stefan lives in a small apartment in the respectable area of Friedrichshain, which is located in East Berlin. Although they are in love, circumstances being what they are, they’re forced to live apart. However, they come up with a daring high-risk escape plan that will allow them to start over far away from Berlin. The only fly in the ointment is if Stefan will have the courage to leap or if he’ll let himself be barred by the forces keeping him from Ada.

The trailer for Going Over, which is due in April 2014, is short, sweet, and compelling thanks to its unique setting and storyline.

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