Pay Your Taxes via Murder in “Soul Tax”

Pay Your Taxes via Murder in “Soul Tax”

It’s said that in life there are only two constants: death and taxes. Soul Tax takes this to an extreme, introducing the Grim Reaper as an undead tax collector. Our hapless, ghostly protagonist discovers that he owes eight years’ worth of back taxes that, as the Grim Tax Collector informs him, can only be repaid with souls…starting now. And so begins a harrowing tale of senseless slaughter and violence, told as graphically as possible when your characters are all three pixels tall.

The puzzles increase in difficulty gradually, and there’s a certain macabre joy in successfully engineering a convoluted way for some poor innocent to die. As a nice bonus, sometimes you can possess someone with alternative abilities, like the construction worker who can drill through the floor (to his death, naturally).

Fans of puzzle platformers will enjoy this game; fans of irreverent dialogue and black comedy will enjoy it more. Do not skip through the dialogue!

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