Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Meets “Supernatural” in New Novel “Cursed in the Act”

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Meets “Supernatural” in New Novel “Cursed in the Act”

Raymond Buckland, who has been called the “father of witchcraft” and has long been a revered figure in the Pagan community, has briefly turned away from writing about spirit communications, Wicca, witchcraft, and divination for a walk down the Victorian side. His new novel Cursed in the Act takes the “father of vampires,” a.k.a. Bram Stoker himself, and re-imagines him as a cross between Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester with a bit of Sherlock Holmes thrown in for good measure.

It is 1881-era London, and after a famous actor is poisoned on stage while his understudy’s killed the night after the incident, stage manager Harry Rivers and his boss Bram Stoker must team up to discover who sabotaged the actor and why. Although they discover that Mr. Irving has a long list of enemies, many whom would happily see him dead, the dynamic duo soon discover that the perpetrator has turned to magic to wreak havoc on the play and shut it down. As Irving and Stoker fight to save Mr. Irving from supernatural mischief, they soon become the new target for the nefarious magician.

With his customary dry wit, Buckland faithfully re-creates Victorian England in superb detail and uses a few historical tidbits surrounding Stoker’s early life to create a world in which the supernatural lurk behind every corner. Unlike other fiction authors, Buckland’s knowledge of magic breathes an air of authenticity into his work and his writing style will enchant readers long enough to follow him down a path into a darker re-imagining of the 1880s.

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