“A Bartender’s Tale” Animates Unusual Stories Told by Brooklyn Bartenders

Sure it might be the most thankless job, but no one can argue that it’s not the most interesting. A Bartender’s Tale is a series that animates intriguing stories told by Brooklyn bartenders. The eight bartenders featured were selected through a contest where they were asked to describe their most unusual day on the job. The finalists were then paired with animators to bring their stories to life.

Presented by Jack Daniels (just ignore the shameless product placements), the eight animated videos range from tales of lost love to bar-top dancing embarrassments. It was hard for us to choose our favorite, but we eventually went with this story (above) about a fat little chihuahua and his superstitious, sports-loving owner. You can watch the rest of the videos in the playlist above, or here.

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