“The Mirror Lied” Is the Creepiest Non-Horror Game You’ll Ever Play

This is NOT a horror game, and nothing will jump out at you.

The Mirror Lied might not be horror, but it’s not exactly all sunshine and roses either. Leah, a faceless girl in a faceless world, wakes up one morning and must get to the roof of her house to meet “birdie.” A creeping ominous atmosphere permeates the game, whether because of the dim interiors of the house–beautifully contrasted with the shafts of bright sunlight lancing through the windows–or the tinkling music box that plays throughout the entire game. Shutting it off only lets you hear the ticking of the clock, and it’s hard to say which sound creates more anxiety. The music and silence are only punctuated by the shrill ringing of the phone as a mysterious stranger calls with instructions.

Google the title and you’ll find countless interpretations as people try to understand what exactly happens. I’ve played through the game three times so far, trying to decipher any underlying truth, but it seems very much like The Mirror Lied purposefully left the story ambiguous enough for you to hang your own narrative on its framework. Theories have ranged from the aftermath of an apocalyptic disease to an allegory for mental illness.

The Mirror Lied is made by Freebird Games, the same studio that released the acclaimed To the Moon.

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