Explore a World Based on 80s Cyberpunk in “Jazzpunk”

Part spy movie, part film noir, 100% adventure–Jazzpunk is about a silent spy mailed to an abandoned subway station in Japan out of which a top-secret intelligence agency operates. Absurd and nonsensical humor permeate the game with occasional childish interludes–I’m speaking of a moment where you take a seat in front of your boss…directly onto a whoopie cushion. While it might not be the height of sophisticated humor, the scene definitely surprises a chuckle out of you, and the whole game is filled with moments like that.

The cartoonish, blocky style adds an extra layer to this game. I can safely say I haven’t seen anything that looks even remotely like the art in Jazzpunk before. And while the game is self-styled as an adventure game, actual gameplay focuses more on exploring the world and unearthing all the weird comedic bits than on puzzle solving. The world is heavily populated with NPCs that each come with unique looks and are styled around a specific action or visual gag to help them stand out from each other. Surprisingly enough, mini-games also feature prominently, with clear Duck Hunt and Frogger parodies popping up.

Jazzpunk is a highly enjoyable game that manages to be both random and coherent. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer–I can guarantee, even if you have no idea what’s happening, you’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

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