“Hide” Is a Game Where Your Only Safety Lies in Darkness

“Hide” Is a Game Where Your Only Safety Lies in Darkness

Like most survival horror games, Hide relies on darkness and light to create a sense of safety and danger–but this time, you’re the one skulking in the darkness doing your best to avoid discovery. Set in a pixelated winter landscape, Hide is a first-person 3D survival horror game where the blocky graphics and minimalist soundtrack create an atmosphere of tension and paranoia. The only sounds are the wail of a siren, the crunch of snow underfoot, and the ragged breathing in your ears. The noise layers on top of each other in a crescendo of fear.

Hide throws you into a world where you’re on the run and trying to find five safe locations. Searchlights crisscross the sky as you run. Curiously, the flatness of the graphics lends the world an eerie 2D quality–no matter how fast you run towards safety on the horizon, the ground doesn’t appear to move beneath your feet, making your attempts feel futile.

Hide is available for free on Mac and PC.

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