Indigo Williams Talks About Deconstructing Stereotypes via Slam Poetry on TEDxBrixton

Spoken word poet Indigo Williams made an appearance at TEDxBrixton to discuss using poetry to “confound stereotypes.” Williams, who was the 2012 New Generation Slam Poetry winner and currently works at Goldsmiths University, began by reciting her piece “Dark Black,” which explored the racism that has plagued her all her life.

Williams lets her audience get a glimpse of the shame and racism she felt as a child and how it’s ingrained in our society that having “too dark skin” is considered not ideal.  However, the piece ends on a lighter note with Williams’ mother teaching her daughter that having dark skin is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter what society and its bullies say. One by one, Williams deconstructs many of the racist stereotypes she’s been faced with over the years with eloquence and wit in one short but still mesmerizing performance!

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