Oh Land: “Renaissance Girls”

Danish-turned Brooklynite artist Oh Land is gearing up to release her third full length album Wish Bone this September. The first proper single, Renaissance Girls,” was produced by TV On The Radio’s David Sitek. The track is more electronically driven then some of her previous releases, which are bolstered with lush orchestral strings, but her distinctive voice and melodic sensibility are as fantastic as always.

The feminist-leaning lyrics of the song describe a modern ‘renaissance girl,’ independent, capable, and strong. But more interesting than simple “We Can Do It” rhetoric, “Renaissance Girls” gets more into the subtlety of gendered relationships. She sings about performing domestic tasks and putting on an act for her man (“I can be impressed by all the things you know”). Her agency in the relationship is expressed by her performance of subordination, but it’s clear that it is just a performance, and that she, and her other ‘renaissance girls’ are the ones in control. Which is pretty cool for a simple electro-pop song!

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