Lydia Ainsworth: “White Shadow”

Newly signed to Arbutus Records, composer/producer/singer Lydia Ainsworth is preparing the released of her debut EP Right For Real Part 1. You can get a taste of the EP with her first single “White Shadow,” a dreamy, mesmerizing chamber-pop track. The song opens with a sleek vibraphone melody before adding layers of synths and edited vocals. When the lyrics finally come in after a minute and a half of flurrying instrumental sounds, Ainsworth sings enigmatic lyrics like, “White shadows dancing through my veins.” But after a short verse, the song again retreats into its own chaotic sound world, this time led by a soaring string melody. The track is always moving with a dizzying texture, but it never feels frantic or out of control. Ainsworth has a refined sense of balance and pacing in her arrangement that makes “White Shadow” really special.

Right For Real Part 1 comes out on June 1st, hopefully followed shortly by a Part 2!


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