“I Decided to Leave” Is an Honest Depiction of a Mid-Life Crisis

Everyone has those mornings when you get out of bed, start heading into work, and then suddenly realize that you desperately crave change. Perhaps grabbing your keys and heading off into the woods Walt Whitman-style might be the extreme example, but I Decided to Leave, a short animated film by Daniel Britt and produced for Channel 4, takes it even further (alternate dimensions, anyone?).

In the film, a man narrates this drab existence, a repetitive, soul-crushing pattern of waking up, going to work, and hanging out with co-workers. He wants to write a novel but lacks the inspiration as he falls prey to the unfulfilling eat/work/sleep prison of his life. However, the steps he takes to free himself from monotony will surprise you. Approaching an existential crisis with dry humor? A winning combination.

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