Kentucky Route Zero’s “Too Late to Love You Now” Showcases the Beauty of Music in Games

Award-winning adventure game Kentucky Route Zero recently released Act III of its episodic saga. The game follows the unique characters who travel on a magical highway beneath the caves of Kentucky. In Act III the game introduces two new characters, Junebug and Johnny, two miner robots who quit their jobs to follow their passion–singing. During one part in the game, Junebug and Johnny give an enchanting performance at a dive bar, singing a haunting, melancholic song about lost love. Players have the option to select which verse Junebug sings next, making the experience equally transcendent and interactive. We love it when video games and music come together like this. The video above is gameplay footage from the game, but if you’re interested in owning the song, you can download it (along with the rest of the soundtrack) from Bandcamp. The soundtrack is also included with the game when you buy it. (Via PopMatters)

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