Lydia Ainsworth: “Malachite”

At the beginning of this month we got the first single, “White Shadow,”  from producer/singer Lydia Ainsworth. Now here’s a second taste of her debut, Right For Real Pt. 1 EP, with “Malachite.” Contrasting the ethereal chamber-pop of “White Shadow,” this track has more of a straightforward electro-pop arrangement. But that doesn’t prevent it from being just as dreamy and beautiful. The standard song form also lets us hear Ainsworth’s vocals more, as opposed to the mostly instrumental debut single. Speaking about her EP, Ainsworth said, “I was guided only by a relentless instinctive urge to express what I could not in waking life. The songs approach dreams, thoughts, and inspirations that demand a search for the unknown, a search for something beyond what the five senses can offer.” “Malachite,” named after the beautiful green mineral, definitely approaches the unknown.

Right For Real Pt. 1 will be available June 10th via Arbutus Records.

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