Odetta Hartman: End Of The World

Odetta Hartman: End Of The World

Monday got you down? Does it feel like the end of the world? Well you’re not the only one. After her Tally Marks EP last year, multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/amazing singer Odetta Hartman has returned home to New York City to start working on new music, and we’ve got the first taste of it here. “End Of The World” is a sprawling six minutes and forty seconds–part Dixieland party, part rootsy-blues work song–shows off Hartman’s enormous voice and excellent arranging skills. The first half is a jubilant celebration of impending doom while the second half, the slower march to death, reality sets in and we find the singer repeating “We ain’t got time” in brilliant vocal acrobatics.

If this is any indication of the EP to follow, I’d say we’re in for some more great music. You can stream and buy the track over on her bandcamp.

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