Artists Pay Tribute to Hans Ruedi Giger, the Visual Eye Behind “Alien”

depthRADIUS is a deviantART community that reports on interesting trends happening amongst other artists. One of their recent blog posts is an homage to an artist “you might not know,” Hans Ruedi Giger. Giger, who passed away May 12, was a painter, sculptor, and set designer who was best known for creating the alien in Ridley Scott’s Alien. As a tribute to his work and legacy, 20 artists came together to create pieces inspired by Giger’s iconic aesthetic. “His art evoked fascination for me,” says artist/contributor GillianIvy. “There was great beauty in the creepy yet erotic scenes he would depict. A mixture of repulsion with attraction. You can find his influence in so many artists, and immortalized in film and on the skin of people for generations to come.”

We picked a few of our favorite tribute pieces above, but you can browse the entire feature, which is quite visually striking, via depthRADIUS.

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