Journey Through the World of Chromaland to Rescue Your Sister in Platformer “Iris”

I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed just looking at a game as much as I did Iris. A 2D platformer about the titular character trying to save her kidnapped sister Siri (no relation to Apple, one can only presume), Iris’ main selling point is the graphics. It’s difficult to express just how dazzled I was by the monsters, characters, and level designs, and while a good deal of that might be personal preferences, not many games visually stand out as much as Iris does.

Gameplay is also a big selling point. Basic controls are fairly standard for a platformer–A and D to move, space to jump–but Iris primarily interacts with the world via her magical bow. Shooting eyes can reveal a platform to jump onto, but the eyes might also be concealing a monster that must be dealt with. The levels never really feel repetitive, which is always an impressive feat for a platformer, and there’s a certain puzzle element that’s never too taxing.

Story-wise, Iris reads like a children’s high fantasy novel. Villains are obvious, traitors even more so. Iris is little more than an audience surrogate and the fantasy word of Chromaland never really feels quite real. Despite that, if you’re looking for an entertaining and uncomplicated game and don’t mind being dazzled by the art, Iris is definitely worth a play.

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