Hip-Hop Experimentalist Tunde Olaniran Trips Out in the Visually Intriguing “Critical”

Through much of the video for “Critical,” Tunde Olaniran has a steady gaze on the camera that matches the directness of his music. “Critical’s” sonic austerity is reflected in the straight-to-the-point music video by Kevin Eckert, which centers the musician’s visual aesthetic while stopping short of a style barrage. Olaniran, an artist and activist residing in Flint, Michigan, describes his own work as having an “experimental hip-hop, alternative club/dance feel,” but his work is also infused with a mix of cultural themes from his own life (he was partly raised in Germany and England) as well as the Afro-futurist tradition. These influences meld into the cohesive aesthetic  you can witness above (on display at length in the Yung Archetype EP).

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