Lowell: “I Love You Money”

Lowell: “I Love You Money”

Following her I Killed Sara V. EP, Toronto singer Lowell is rolling out her debut full-length album, We Loved Her Dearly, due out later this year. “I Love You Money” goes a long way in making us excited for the rest of the set, with its high-energy production, charismatic hooks, and feminist lyrics. The song is simple but put together interestingly, with layers of lo-fi vocals and hand claps over a thumping bass line. She sings anthemtic melodies about loving money and being in control from the point of view of a stripper with a languid, sarcastic tone. She comments that the song is about “being the queen of the room, enjoying taking men’s money,” but she’s not asking for any of yours.

You can download the track for free here, and look out for We Loved Her Dearly via Arts & Crafts in September.

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