Ponder Mortality and Consumerism in “The Wicked + The Divine”

Ponder Mortality and Consumerism in “The Wicked + The Divine”

In Kieron Gillen’s new graphic novel series The Wicked + The Divine, readers are left to ponder the nature of human mortality and our love of consumerism. The series revolves around 12 Gods who incarnate into human bodies about every 90 years. Thanks to their divine nature, these deities are both charismatic and brilliant, and are pretty much the same as our very human pop stars.

However, unlike Shakira or Lindsay Lohan, these divine pop stars can speak in tongues and perform miracles. The only problem is that within two years, they die. Thanks to Gillen’s writing and illustrator Jaime McKelvie’s gorgeous artwork, readers are thrown into a fantasy tale that will make them stop and think about why we worship pop stars and why we’re so willing to consume the rise and fall of our so-called idols.

The Wicked + The Divine also looks at how short human life is and how each of us—even deities wearing human bodies for a time—want to leave an inspirational legacy behind so our names and images will live on long after our mortal bodies crumble to dust. The novel questions our human desire to connect with one another and how we humans, especially those in the young adult age range, often bond with one another and forge strong friendships via our love of pop culture, music, and movies.

Whether you’re a pop culture aficionado or a mythology geek, The Wicked + The Divine will definitely have you examining the world in an entirely different way.

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