A/T/O/S: “What I Need”

A/T/O/S, which stands for “a taste of struggle,” is the mysterious collaboration project of Belgian duo Amos and Truenoys. Their first single, “A Taste Of Struggle,” was released in early 2013 to much hype, but it wasn’t until they released their self-titled debut album in March 2014 that the duo proved they were more than just a buzz single.

A/T/O/S is an album full of dark lit r&b croons and unusual production. However, their song “What I Need,” the third track on the album, is the perfect introduction to their sound. The plinking of the piano might fool you into thinking this is just another laid-back r&b track with sultry vocals, but resting just under the harmony are spurts of energy that all climatically come together in the middle. That kind of unpredictability is what keeps A/T/O/S a band to watch.

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