Low Roar: “Easy Way Out”

California native Ryan Karazija’s lifelong dream was to move to Iceland. After much success with his previous band, Audrye Sessions, Karazija called it quits, moved to Reykjavik, and started a new project under the name Low Roar. Although he kept his indie rock roots, Karazija couldn’t help but be influenced by Iceland’s dreamy landscape, which reflected Low Roar’s sound.

His sophomore album, 0, is an epic mixture of ethereal pop and gothic folk. Icelandic music fans will also be happy to see members of múm and Amiina make an appearance. I had a hard time picking just one song for this post as there are already tons of great singles floating around. There’s an excellent video for “Breathe In” that was released earlier this year, and there’s also another video for the awesome “I’ll Keep Coming.” However, “Easy Way Out,” while the folkiest of the tracks, was the first song that really grabbed me. You can also stream the entire album on Soundcloud.

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