Painted Heart: Fight Monsters With the Power of Art

Painted Heart: Fight Monsters With the Power of Art

Painted Heart didn’t really get my attention until the game moved past the opening scenes and into the main storyline, the graphics switching from a standard pixel art look to a more painterly, colorful style. And wow, the art is eyepopping in that regard–which is only to be expected, as the premise revolves around a boy named Cor and his quest to restore a painting. If you’re wondering how exactly painting restoration can be turned into a RPG complete with fights, take heed: the painting is not being damaged due to wear or time but because of a mysterious monster named Pestilence that must be fought through the art of Pictomancy.

Even if the story doesn’t intrigue you, the audiovisual elements are stunning. I really enjoyed the fighting system but suspect others might not feel the same way. Painted Heart does away with the typical dull fighting system of spamming one or two attacks and introduces a puzzle system that does indeed ratchet up the difficulty quite considerably.

Moral of the story? Apparently art history is a lot more harrowing a field than I realized.

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