“Jenny LeClue,” an Adorable Choose-Your-Own-Ending Adventure Game

It’s a little audacious to write a recommendation for a game that hasn’t released so much as a beta yet, but Jenny LeClue has got me so excited that I’m jumping the gun. Kid detective, female protagonist, gripping murder mystery, adventure game? Oh my god sign me up I’m so there.

The biggest lesson Jenny has to learn at the start of the game is be careful what you wish for. Bored with the standard lame mysteries she has to solve, Jenny wishes more than anything else that things could get a little more interesting. Then her mother is accused of murder and, in the process of trying to clear her name, Jenny learns that a small, sleepy town can hold more secrets in its dark heart than she could ever have dreamed.

And, oh man, check out that art and look at that cast. If you like what you see, then head over to Kickstarter and click FUND.

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