Wunder Wunder’s “Hail The Madmen” Video Shows the Perils of an Apocalyptic Beach Attack

Don’t you hate it when you’re enjoying a nice day on the beach and then mysterious purple explosions come and ruin everything? I hate when that happens. But I sorta love it when it’s in a music video, like Wunder Wunder‘s “Hail The Madmen.” The track comes from the L.A.-based, Melbourne-bred duo’s recently released debut, Everything Infinite, and is the perfect soundtrack to the humorous apocalyptic beach attack. The vintage synths and breezy production match the video’s ’60s beach blanket feel. As Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant’s catchy melodies pour over us, we see beach goers panicking, running away from something wreaking havoc at the shoreline. We never actually see what everyone’s running from, and that just makes the over-the-top reactions even funnier.

You can get Everything Infinite now on iTunes via Dovecote Records.

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