Close Your Eyes in “Eyes Open”

Close Your Eyes in “Eyes Open”

Eyes Open is a 2D stealth horror game in which you avoid monsters in a randomly generated level. It’s essentially a roguelike, offering short, random levels that result in permanent death and plenty of replayability.

It takes place in an insane asylum, and the main mechanic is the bar that keeps track of your sanity. The longer your eyes are open, and the more monsters you see and are attacked by, the more sanity you lose. You can close your eyes to keep from dying, feeling your ways along the walls, but you can still be attacked by monsters. It’s a crucial balance, requiring you to maintain sanity and stealth at the same time.

A Kickstarter for “Eyes Open” is currently in progress, so if a retro top-down stealth horror roguelike seems like your cup of tea, you have until September 1 to contribute or reserve a copy.

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