Maxo: Level Music

Maxo: Level Music

If you’re into the 8-bit/chiptune scene at all, you probably know about Maxo. If you don’t, it’s time you get acquainted. This incredibly prolific composer has been putting out amazing music at such a frequent and consistent pace that it’s almost overwhelming. But a good place to start is his Level Music project. Started in 2010, the composer/multi-instrumentalist has been releasing 5-track EPs soundtracking a video game that doesn’t exist. Each Level is labeled in order. He started with 1-9 and then moved onto the alphabet. With his alphabet series he has been releasing them two at a time, one starting from A and the other starting from the middle of the alphabet, N. He has just released his two latest levels, and Q, and like always, they’re fantastic.

His music is produced “primarily with Super Nintendo sounds” and shows incredible competency in a wide array of genres and styles. True to the video game medium, each track fades out, implying that it can and should be looped. Despite its novel aspects, what draws me and so many others to the Level Music project is the music itself. It is highly detailed, instantly memorable but ever unfolding. Even if chiptune music isn’t your thing, it’s probably worth it to check it out! Especially since you can download all 17 levels for a name-your-own price.

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  1. Blake

    Maxo is an unbelievable force of nature. He stands in the top .0000000000001% of serious, dedicated, skilled musicians in any modern field let alone chip music.

    Listening to these recordings is a treat and a gift from start to finish.


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