Cheeky Animation for Tina Fey’s Poem “The Mother’s Prayer for Its Daughter”

Illustrator Allison Kerek has a particular brand of oddball humor. Her portfolio is full of brightly colored pieces of bizarre characters, some more recognizable than others (Kanye West, anyone?), played to ridiculous exaggeration. Her animation of Tina Fey’s poem “The Mother’s Prayer for Its Daughter,” which appeared in Fey’s book Bossypants, shows off everything that’s great about Kerek’s style. Her humor naturally blends in with Fey’s, playing off Fey’s sarcasm with over-the-top illustrations and gross-out humor. As for Fey, her poem pokes fun at the overprotection of teenage girls while also admitting to its downfalls.

Kerek has more animations on her website, including this animation inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Woman Work.”

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