Street Fighter Meets Classic French Literature

Unlike most of my friends, I’m not really a gamer.  This video of this game came to me through the literature channel, and as a huge fan of Victor Hugo and his collected works, I innocently decided to watch it.  I was not disappointed.

Arm Joe is a 2D fighter game where, instead of your usual bunch of fit, scantily clad warriors, you’re playing as characters from Les Misérables.  Yes, that’s right, Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables was adapted into a fighting game in 1998.  You can play as each of the major characters, as well as some ridiculous additions like the police and a rabbit like creature called PonPon.  It’s pretty damn ridiculous, but as a fan of the book (and the musical, and the movies) I was wildly entertained by this game.  It’s stupidly fun to watch characters I love in Street Fighter-style beating the tar out of each other.  It can be downloaded at TIGdb, or you can sit back and just watch the video above for a good laugh.

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