“You Are Not the Hero” Follows the Trials and Tribulations of the NPC Left Behind

RPGs follow a typical smash and grab pattern–that is to say, you smash your way into someone’s house, grab their loot, and leave. When playing Dragon Age, I often find myself chanting under my breath “kill things and take their stuff!” It’s just part of the game, after all. But what happens to the poor NPC you’ve just robbed? You Are Not the Hero follows the story of Petula, a young woman whose things were just taken by a band of jerky teen warriors. Pumped up with parody, satire, and tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture and memes, You Are Not the Hero aims to deconstruct the RPG genre. (And having raised over $90,000 from its 2013 Kickstarter, the developers seem to have struck a chord with lovers of the genre.)

Despite the title, Petula finds herself called upon to reclaim her things and sets out on a quest. She’s not happy about it though, and she flat-out refuses to try and slay any monsters–after all, she’s just an ordinary woman armed with a flashlight and some hope. What chance does she have? And so You Are Not the Hero relies more on precision timing and puzzle solving than it does a battle system.

Fun and clever, You Are Not the Hero is a nice take on the tried and true tropes of the RPG genre.

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