Miracles of Modern Science’s Video “Swipe” Pokes Fun at the Anxiety of Hooking Up Via Tinder

As a single twenty-something living in New York City, I have a pretty decent familiarity with dating apps. More accurately, I have a decent familiarity with the frustration that comes along with dating apps. So when I came across this new song and video by Miracles of Modern Science all about Tinder, I was very excited (and a little jealous because I have been working on a song about Tinder but that’s obviously not the point). Sung as a duet between Miracles’  Evan Younger and  Kristin Slipp of Cuddle Magic, “Swipe” tells the story of two people hopelessly swiping through Tinder until they find a match. But once they do, the anxiety slips in. Younger tries to “compose the perfect line” and in the end, the two never end up meeting anyway.

The playful video, directed by the group themselves, shows Slipp swiping through the members of the band. At one point it cuts to vintage footage of a monkey at a typewriter, which is a little weird, but it then reveals the full band playing the song. And it’s worth noting that the band is really cool, not just for their Tinder affinities. Miracles of Modern Science don’t have a guitar player. Instead, their sound is made up of the odd arrangement of upright bass, cello, violin, mandolin, and drums. But it comes together in an indie-pop/disco style for “Swipe” that works surprisingly well.

“Swipe” is currently available for a Name Your Price on Bandcamp, so be sure to check that out. And happy swiping!

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